Hello, thank you for your comments, I received a lot of them. You ask about my amazing pictures. I started doing them for only a few years; have not felt the need. As I wrote earlier, for many years been interested in the subject of the universe. In primary school I took part in the competition of knowledge about astronomy. I read a lot of articles from different sources, and lately a lot of time devoted to searching for interesting me information on the Internet. Just watching the sky, and every unusual landscapes photographing – often work on impulse – intuition. I must admit that the sun is very important to me, often looking at them I asked with great humility and an open heart question: What is the truth? How many secrets you hide? I want to tick the „naked eye” I only see the beautiful sun, sky, clouds, and the pictures show something more. Exceptionally „phenomenon of the three suns” in the sky landscapes seen with the naked eye! First, in the home, the room fell into beautiful light amazing, beautiful yellow-orange. Quickly went outside. Sun center was hidden behind the clouds, and the sun top and bottom in the shape of an elongated circle (eggs)! I returned the camera to take a picture of this unusual phenomenon. Today, I admit that if I was able to delight, euphoria, even shocked! I read recently that in the upper layers of the atmosphere (about 50 – 100 km) are discharge phenomena – flares ongoing and recurring at a distance a fraction of seconds. They are still a mystery. One of my images (I call them a photo of the face) I posted on the topic „We and the cosmos.”
You ask whether there will be further episodes of „We and the cosmos.” Yes, and it soon! At the finish today – Your admin