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The construction of the universe must therefore hold … chief among the issues of nature, the available knowledge …

Galileo Galilei, „Dialog …”, Preface to the Grand Duke

Welcome all fans of my page. Thank you for the many comments from many countries of the world. I appreciate your kindness and support to popularize my site. Thank you for this, and especially to those who do it selflessly.

You ask whether I write next articles, and you encourage me to pursue interesting and challenging and amazing at the same time issues – topics of the universe and other dimensions of space – yes, I will continue. Today I wanted to share with you recently read messages relevant information about the cosmos. Scientists slowly traced back to the concepts and principles learned philosophers, including Chinese and Greek philosophers of the ancient. More and more issues are growing in importance and determining the celestial spheres, a hologram, a mirage, quantum mechanics, ether. It turns out that today’s scientific research increasingly confirms what we already knew long ago the ancients. Recently, can be found on the web pages, whose authors are moving themes: Earth concave, Flat Earth, and the Earth Empty.
Therefore, I think lately about the system and structure of the universe. I read a lot of expression of Internet users in response to scientific articles. The vast majority of people believe that the current model of the heliocentric system of the world is correct and can not imagine that it could be otherwise. Also, most people believe that UFOs come from outer space. Often we regret to scientists that do not inform us honestly about their discoveries, their findings are not published for people. I now come to be very important and Relevant question and how people would react if they knew that our entire universe is a sphere, and we live on its inner side, and all the heavenly bodies are located in the middle – the middle of the sphere, or, UFO that comes from the earth! I think that, as in the period of ancient scholars argued that the structure of the universe, that even today scientists do not have a uniform system concept of the world and also have different views on these matters. Recently a lot of interesting and amazing issues explains quantum physics, and therefore we would like to updated as soon as possible to physics textbooks and curricula in higher education. However, I know that is still ongoing research and scientific experiments that require a lot of time, many trials and laborious analysis of research results. Meanwhile, scientists are learning about new, difficult to explain and previously unknown physical phenomena. The research that lead must correct or stop their course. That is why, I think, we can not reveal and convey knowledge, which is not confirmed by some test results. I personally admire scientists who have these issues to deal with. We also know that there is a group of amateur astronomers who have good equipment, and often we are able to impress his findings. Important for the development of science is the cooperation of these groups of scientists. We should also remember that the ancient philosophers did not have modern equipment, only your mind, intuition, logic, and sometimes physical experiences, observations of celestial bodies, and by using your imagination to build models of the universe, then the above discussion that persistently and fiercely defended.
I greet you all cordially – admin

Ps. I enclose a few photos of the mysterious sky and beautiful flowers