On Easter I was with my family in Częstochowa at Jasna Góra and at Mount St. Anne / St Annaberg. Traditionally the Easter holiday, we visit these places. This place of worship, history, pilgrimage in Poland and the so-called. places of power. Here are a few photos from each trip.

Częstochowa –  Jasna Góra 20.04.14



Góra Świętej Anny/Sankt Annaberg – 21.04.14




   My trips to Opole and Katowice 

In July, while on leave I visited with my family a few towns in Silesia. Below pictures of Opole – capital of the province of Opole and Katowice – the capital of Silesia.

Opole is a medium-sized city located in the southern Polish near the border with the Czech Republic and Germany. It occupies an area of 96 km2 and has 126 382 inhabitants, while the adjacent districts creates agglomeration inhabited by approximately 261 000 inhabitants.

Katowice is a city located in the Silesian Upland, in the southern part of the Polish, at the intersection of major European routes. It occupies an area of 164.64 km2 and has 290 134 inhabitants. Near the center of the A4 highway and close to the A1 motorway arises. The city has good road links to the International Airport „Pyrzowice”, experiencing dynamic growth and already supports a half million passengers a year, with several connections to the major cities of Europe.

Here are a few photos from each trip.

       Opole  –  29.07.14

WP_20140729_005 WP_20140729_008 WP_20140729_009 WP_20140729_010 WP_20140729_007


             Katowice   –  30.07.14


     Airport  „Pyrzowice”


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