My dear ! Visit the bot is on average 25 000 per day ! Thank you all for your kind comments that I receive from around the world – most of the USA, Canada , India, Australia and Europe.

In response to your comments and questions contained in them I just wanted to say that  will continue to grow – so I’ll keep it up!
I know I should be more text. I will try to change this in the future.
For now , as I wrote earlier , I think the new title ” Landscapes of heaven.” I would like to convey to him, based on the book , a little know-how in the field of astronomy – a kind of introduction. Then to translate the text into English in google translate.
Case spelling and grammar : I use google translator . Titles: ” Ślonska kuchnia ” and
” Wice , bery i humor ” are written in an ancient language of the Silesian dialect and may be difficult for you to translate.
A little about me: I work professionally , I am the secretary of the school administration at the local high school.  I finished higher education administration. My hobby : growing a garden , especially flowers. I love to take pictures of the sky and the sun. I like good books and traditional music . In school days I learned to play musical instruments . For years, interested in the subject of space, new technologies in the field of astronautics ; but also reach for information about science and inventions in the period of antiquity.
The title :  „I think , therefore I am ” some give a lot to think about. You ask the question whether the deceased people think ? That’s a tough question. I read recently that the consciousness of the dead does not disappear , but passes after death into another dimension of space .
I think that should also raise the issue of time. Time is a relative term (relative to the observer) . In various spacetimes amount of time will be different. I think we all live in one space-time and we have one time . If we think – we are…
In  I want to show the place where I was and I live . Very important for me are the traditions and culture of my region – Silesia. Based on your comments I decided to translate some text into English , and add other titles that you are interested .
For  SEO , marketing and advertising , social networking – it’s the moment to wonder . Without this, all my page  was , however, by you searched on the net!