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Hello and greetings to all. Thank you for the many comments, I will write more about them in the next article. Today I present V part of the topic We and the cosmos titled „Astronomers Arab countries”.  It is translated into English for the help of google translator. Enclosed is a photo illustration contained in the Encyclopedia, which I use – „Kopernik, człowiek i myśl” Polish authors ,  Warszawa 1972. I think you will like.
An enormous merit astronomers Arab countries was to enrich science with new observational data from different departments of astronomy, but most of all we owe them a store of scientific thought, provided by the Greek scholars. With its rich legacy of scientific achievements of antiquity inherited awakening to life science medieval Europe. It’s just a short piece of a new topic, I encourage you to read the whole.  I enclose pictures of my flowers and blue skiey.
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P.S.  In the topic „My weekends” I attach photos of my holiday weekend trips.


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